Where are we?

Zion Graveyard is tricky to find  because it is landlocked, down a dip and can't be seen  from the road. 

You can either park in the free car park opposite Ace Janitorial (694 Attercliffe Road, S9 3RP).

Turn right out of the car park past the white Auto Electric Repair building - this was the old Zion Sunday School 1854.

Walk straight on to find the small gate at the corner of the railing of two vehicle compounds and enter by this gate via a narrow uneven sloping path.


you can drive right round to the very end of Ferguson Street S9 3WL and enter by the level access gate by the brick wall.

On weekdays however, you will find many large vehicles parked at the end of this road which you have to walk past. The road is clear on Sundays.

If travelling by public transport use the X1 bus and disembark near Staniforth Road  or opposite the English Institute of Sport.

If coming by Supertram: walk beside the the cycle path to the right of the Stadia building (straight opposite the exit from the platform).  

Follow this path through a housing estate along two bends until you come to Bodmin Street and walk towards the "Diplomat" on Attercliffe Road, cross over and walk left along Attercliffe Road and to the right beside the free car park.  The entrance to Zion Graveyard is straight ahead. 

If lost phone 07980 143776 and we will try and send someone to find you!

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